“What I liked the most while working with Kristina was her positive attitude and very well tailored lessons. She understood exactly what kind of improvement I need and she was able to help me to improve my Finnish language. She is an excelent teacher and her lessons were very interesting and useful. Looking forward to work with her again sometimes in future”. Daniela Koosapoeg, Serbia

“Kristina’s online teaching was very helpful in learning Finnish. She’s an experienced and well-prepared teacher and her positive and friendly personality made learning much easier. It was also good that she was very flexible with scheduling the learning sessions (for example moving the session to some other time in the last minute). With her teaching my Finnish got much better and I’m braver to speak in Finnish and use Finnish language in everyday life”. Anna Varga, Hungary

“Dear Kristina, I need to thank you for sending me the YKI writing booklet. Out of 3 writing tasks, 2 of them were present in your booklet as writing examples. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s writing YKI test”. Ruwaŋthi Tissera

Thank you Kristina for this very good and useful seminar! Explained like this Finnish is really not that difficult, it’s even logical. I’ve been a bit on and off with my studying and it gave me the will to go on more intensively. I’ll be looking forward to many more seminars! 🙂

Best greetings from Switzerland! Anne Rongy