Copyrighted educational material

You can buy original material for independent Finnish-language learning from our store. For example, you can find PDF-material aimed at preparation for the writing part of the YKI exam (B1-B2).

Our online store also has video materials for different language levels (A1 to C1). Each video is essentially a private lesson with a teacher which allows you to return to the topic you are currently studying as many times as needed.

The instruction language of the materials is Russian or English for beginner and intermediate levels, and Finnish for the advanced level.

Video materials on grammar include a theoretical part with rules, examples, and pictures that allow for easier memorization, and a practical part with exercises and correct answers, which lets you practice the use of a given grammatical phenomenon verbally or through writing.

Video materials on lexicon are aimed at developing lexical and grammatical skills needed for discussing a given topic — getting acquainted, traveling, a doctor’s appointment, etc. Such materials are based on the principle of repetitive revision of the content. The vivid and creative presentation of a topic triggers the imagination and the emotional engagement of the student in the learning process, which aids in memorizing the material.

You can familiarize yourself with free video materials on our YouTube channel.

You can also order custom educational materials (in video, audio, PDF and docs formats) for personal as well as commercial use. The contents and the technical execution of the material are based on the customer’s demands.

We also offer the development of online-course contents and “live” Finnish as a Second Language learning programs. For example, in 2016 we developed and held a week-long Finnish-language course on the topic of network marketing for levels B2-C1 within the project “Russia Digital”, at the request of Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The course was a part of a 6-month-long program for teaching network marketing to Russian-speaking specialists with the intention of employment. Later, the course was arranged once more, this time by the customers themselves.

Contact us to order custom teaching materials.

Kristina Salmela