YKI exam, preparation for the writing part


PDF-material contains

  1. A description of the writing section of the YKI exam
  2. General formal/informal text writing tips: a list of useful words and expressions and general opening sentences which may be used in both formal and informal texts
  3. Written examples and instructions for each kind of assignment
  • Informal short message/friendly email
  • Formal and informal announcements, SMS, notes
  • formal letter
  • Formal review/declaration/request
  • Essay on a given topic/opinion on a text
  • 30 possible essay topics names. Attention! Not essay texts.

The material consists of 17 A4 pages. It contains 18 sample texts: 4 informal messages on a given topic, 5 short messages/announcements, 4 examples of formal writing, 3 feedback examples, 1 example of opinion writing and 1 essay. The booklet also contains two pages of useful words, expressions, and cliches, and an example of an assignment pack similar to the one offered during the exam.The material is only in Finnish.


After purchase, you can download the material from the site. You will also get a download link to your email.

Best regards,

Kristina Salmela


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  1. Юлия

    Давно искала подобное, спасибо очень интересно!

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